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wishlist <3

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May. 9th, 2012 | 12:06 am


masquarade op in navy prefered but also take in brown
milkchan with snow and strawberries in white , pink or blue ,
size L
prefer whole set with headbow but bonnet would be also okey

(treasure bag in white or brown )
in black or red with matching socks and headbow

in cream or lavender with matching socks and headbow
in navy or wine

prince conrad blouse in every collor!
baby doll blouse with removable sleeves in every color
or in black in navy or ivory 
prefered in wine and navy

blue ,pink , white and cream, but also black
in brown, white, navy , and pink
in L


in brown, rose, wine or blue size L!

pink replica that can fit a minimum of 100-110 bust because of clothing underneath

 in white , pink or blue 

i neeeeeeeeeed a lot of cardigans !!!!!

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